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Apocalyptic Lullaby

Episode One (Killshot Diaries)

The first episode of the exciting series, the Killshot Diaries, is now available. Episode One, Apocalyptic Lullaby finds Punkin Evelyn Brustah, a six year old girl, the last human alive after a meteor storm brings about a zombie apocalypse. Alone in her paranoid uncle’s fully stocked survival shelter, she lives safe and sound with her pet anaconda until her 15th birthday. All the considerable resources of the shelter depleted, she must now brave the topside world for provisions. Along the way, she befriends a wounded puppy and discovers a secret that could free the world from the scourge of the undead. But she must survive, alone in the topside world, to see it done.
We look forward to providing readers with this sometimes light-hearted tale of dire circumstance in a post-apocalyptic world, starting with Episode One, Apocalyptic Lullaby.

FREE DOWNLOAD – Our premier release, Episode One of the Killshot Diaries, Apocalyptic Lullaby is available as a free download (Offer expires 4/15/18). To receive your free copy of Episode One of this exciting new novel series, subscribe to our e-mail list (here on the home page). A confirmation e-mail message will be sent to you with the link for the free download of Apocalyptic Lullaby.
on the Horizon

Five years in the writing, decades in the evolution, Last of the MoonRydrs, Book One of the MoonRydr Cycle, the first trilogy of the Phoenix Colony Chronicles, is nearing final production. The Chronicles follows the fate of one of seven generation ships launched from a poisoned Earth, in search of new worlds to colonize. Last of the MoonRydrs, follows the separate and disparate upbringing of two twins, given over by their condemned mother to a stranger who escapes their prison, in an attempt to save them. One infant is recaptured and raised, under the Bishop’s watchful eye, by a tough, old sergeant in the militia Beryl has usurped for his jihad. The other is raised by the ancient Keepr of the Reptyl Nation of the decimated MoonRydr Protectorate, in the traditions of his murdered mentor. The two siblings ultimately meet in a deadly confrontation at Beryl’s Citadel as teens, unaware of their familial bond.  
Available April 15, 2018