Stand Alone

These Stand Alone stories where not penned as part of any series and stand on their own merit. Neptune’s Daughter and Daughter of Two Worlds, however, exist in the same universe (though separated by millennia). At the time of the crafting of an upcoming story, within that same universe, they will find their way into a series configuration, and be gone from this page.

These are my Stand-alone offerings.

Neptune’s Daughter

Deya’s mama watches as her husband and daughter are swept from the deck of their tiny vessel, her second child near term in her belly. Deya’s dying papa begs the King of the Sea to save his daughter, even as they both drown. Deya is reborn as the daughter of the Sea King, unaware of her earlier life.

Out of mercy for his foundling daughter, Neptune declares that she may walk the land and remember her past, but only on the night of a full moon. If she does not return to the sea by moonset, she will forever remain a child of the land.








Daughter of Two Worlds

Aquamarine knows nothing of her lineage, nor her birthright to walk the land under the full moon. She saves the life of a cabin boy from the sea, and her fellow mermaids’ hunger, after his ship is wrecked and all hands are lost.

Aquamarine walks the land beneath a full moon, in a dream, she believes, and shares her ‘land-bound’ body with the boy she had saved. When she returns to the sea as the moon sets, she remembers none of it. But their night together has unexpected consequences.









Demon Moon

Ethan, an awkward adolescent boy, finds that the things he has always been able to sense around him to be the very salvation of his big brother and a group of local schoolmates. Halloween falls on the rare and terrifying Night of the Demon Moon this year, and Ethan learns, the hard way, just what happens on that ‘night of nights’, when the spirits of the dead inhabit the natural world all about them.










The Giant Hunter

Rahik, the Giant Hunter, pursues the last of the scourge of giants, after the death of his family to one of their kind. Or so he believes. Tragedy in the highest mountain pass, leaves Rahik alone and unarmed as he pursues his blood vengeance. What he finds in his quest transforms him completely.

In learning the truth, the Giant Hunter discovers humanity’s true purpose as Stewards of the Earth, conquerors no longer.