KillShot Diaries

The Killshot Diaries series follows the life of Punkin Evelyn Brustah, a six year old girl, orphaned after a meteor storm brings about a zombie apocalypse. Punkin was raised by a single mom, living in the complex owned by her mother’s boss and her surrogate uncle. Punk-E loses her family, at the Anaconda Gentleman’s Club and Exotical Emporium, to the plague that has all-but wiped out the human race. Alone in her ‘uncle’ Connie’s sprawling survival shelter, she is secure and fed, until the eve of her fifteenth birthday. Punkin finally has to brave the topside world and the unearthly threat, in the form of once-living people, that infects that world—her world. Eventually finding a way to clear her deserted city of the undead, she sets out to find other survivors. Using her etherial music and voice to lull the hunger of the alien parasites, she continues to free the souls trapped in the foul mockery of their once-human bodies.

These are the Killshot Diaries.


Apocalyptic Lullaby

Episode One (Killshot Diaries)

Punkin Evelyn Brustah, a six year old girl, finds herself the last human alive, in her city, perhaps the world, after a meteor storm brings about a zombie apocalypse. Alone in her paranoid uncle’s fully stocked survival shelter, she lives safe and sound with her pet anaconda until her 15th birthday. All the considerable resources of the shelter depleted, she must now brave the topside world for provisions. Along the way, she befriends a wounded puppy and discovers a secret that could free the world from the scourge of the undead. But she must survive, alone in the topside world, to see it done.








Shady Grove
Episode Two (KillSshot Diaries)

15 year old Punkin Evelyn Brustah survived her concert to rid her deserted city of the Undead. Now other warm-blood humans have come to rebuild New Hope, and she sets out to free other communities of the scourge from deep space. She also seeks find the one she calls ‘Bobby Mac’, a faceless voice heard once on a badly static-strewn recording, asking for help to rid his home town from the same threat.

In the process, she rediscovers the joy of family, but comes to realize that not all the monsters in her wounded world are from outer space.








Triple Threat
Episode Three (Killshot Diaries)

The man she had dreamed so long of finding, was now in New Hope, but had arrived there at death’s door. Punkin Evelyn Brustah is horrified to discover 19 year old Robert Redford McIntyre’s battered psyche has buried all memory of his life before waking in New Hope’s medical clinic.

In spite of the warnings of those closest to her, Punkin is unable to avoid falling for the man he has become—a man he may no longer be, when those lost horrors force their way back to the surface.  

Meanwhile, the world remains infected by a deadly plague of alien lifeforms in the guise of humans they have transformed.






Road to Redemption
Episode Four (Killshot Diaries)

The meager population of New Hope slowly continues to increase, as other survivors make their way to the one place known to be swept free of the threat of the undead. With their refurbished tour bus/mobile stage/assault vehicle finally road-ready, Punkin and her companions embark on the first ever ‘Killshot Punk’ Grateful Undead Free Tour. Braving roadways untraveled and unmaintained for a decade, the band sets out to free other towns from undead infestation and, hopefully, discover more survivors and bring them back to New Hope.

First on their ‘Free’ Tour is the tiny mining town of Redemption, where not all survivors are what they expect. Surprising discoveries lie in wait that will have a profound effect on the struggle to free up their world, and present moral dilemmas no one had ever imagined.






Episode five (Killshot Diaries)

With the first ever ‘Killshot Punk’ Grateful Undead Free Tour behind them, the citizens of New Hope find themselves one soul more. Unfortunately, a force has been awakened in the tiny mining town of Redemption, a force bent on their destruction—a force even more disturbing than the victims of the mysterious alien plague that had ravage the earth and left many in a hell far worse than death.

Life within the sanctuary of New Hope is a fragile paradise, about to turn to nightmare, one that no one there could anticipate.








Suite 16
Episode six (Killshot Diaries)


The citizens of New Hope find a surprise on their doorstep, on the eve of Punkin’s sixteenth birthday. Items thought lost forever in the Redemption Mountains—after the nightmarish search and rescue mission that left several of their brave band scarred for life, body and soul—have been returned. But by whom, and for what purpose?

A mysterious stranger haunts their dead city, unseen, but is this silent watcher friend or foe? A plot to ravage the security of New Hope and bring their nightmares into their inner sanctum festers in those deadly mountains. Who will save them?